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Poster: Mystic550 Date: Oct 18, 2010 8:32pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Great Expectations 1946 - Question for Video Cellar

Great Expectations 1946 is listed elsewhere here in the forums as falling under the transitional aspects of UK law. There was a registration and renewal in the U.S. The copy I have has no copyright notice on the print. For a U.S. film that would make it PD. Since this is a UK film does Gatt forgive the omission of the copyright notice and restore it's copyright in the U.S.?

Also IMDB lists the two U.S. dates as premiers. Are premiers considered as a release?

A couple of other questions I have to better understand Gatt.

1) If a foreign film was released in the U.S. but never registered is it eligble for Gatt?

2) If a foreign film was never released or registered in the U.S. is it eligble for Gatt?

Thanks for any insight.